March/ April 2022

New product photos

We are happy to have more photos of some of our MST STUDIO mouthpiece models! We were asked by a photographer and videographer if we would be interested in taking some new photos and were excited to send him some of our mouthpieces. Exciting new photos came out! Have you spotted them on our website and social media yet? You can see an example here. 

We are really impressed by his work and can only recommend working with him. You can now also find our mouthpieces on Johannes Pietsch's website or his Facebook page.

October 2021

New bass trombone mouthpiece in progress

We are excited to announce that another bass trombone mouthpiece is being developed. We are developing it for you together with a bass trombonist from one of the biggest orchestras in Germany. 

August 2021

New models now in our shop!

The new MST STUDIO models are here and you can now buy them in our shop! As always, you can find the dimensions, descriptions and comparisons here on our website.
You will find two new additional bass trombone mouthpieces, the R2 N and the R2D N. Additionally, you can get variations of a new medium sized tenor trombone mouthpiece, the 5.5GS N with a small shank and the 5.5GL N with a large shank. Our fifth new mouthpiece is our first euphonium mouthpiece 4AL N. Enjoy!

July 2021

Selection of MST STUDIO models available at Thomann

We have great news! Our MST STUDIO models K 11 NK NY NM N5GD N and the R N will soon be available at the music retailer Thomann, one of the world's largest dealers of musical instruments and accessories.
We are happy that we are now working together with Thomann and strongly recommend ordering through them.
But of course we remain at your disposal. You can still order directly through our shop and we are always available for your questions.

July 2021

Mouthpieces have been shipped!

The new mouthpieces are on their way to us. We are already looking forward to them!
Have a first look at the new models in our shop.

June 2021

New models in production! 

We are more than happy to tell you that the new models have been tested intensively and have been found to be really great. After some last minor adaptions they are already in production. We expect them to arrive within the next few weeks.
If you have a look at our shop, you can already see some information about our new MST STUDIO models, even if you can't buy them yet.
Have fun!

April 2021

Three new models in the making!

We can finally tell you that we have three to four new models in the making! 
The test pieces will reach Hamburg in the next days and will be tested intensively by ourselves and some of our trombone friends. Based on the testing, the design will potentially be optimised again, so that they come to you perfectly. We expect the models to be available for you in the course of the summer!

February 2021

International customers!

Very happy to announce the first mouthpiece on its way to Japan!
This week we shipped the M N model and hope that it will arrive soon.
If you are not sure about shipping conditions, have additional questions on our mouthpieces etc., feel free to contact us anytime.

December 2020

Further development

We have started working on a limited number of additional mouthpiece models. Depending on the number of design iterations we hope to make them available in the summer. Stay tuned ;-)

October 2020

First happy customers

Since September all our mouthpieces have already found happy customers. MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES are now being played by jazz and classical trombonists, professionals as well as ambitious amateurs. 
We are very happy to see that our customers really feel the same benefits of our designs that we have been aiming for. 

September 2020

Opening for customers (online ;-) )

After vacation, some more testing through some great professional trombonists and some of the tiring bureaucracy required, finally the mouthpieces are available to our customers. Go to the shop and get familiar with MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES or get in contact if you have any questions - we are looking forward to hear from you! 

June 2020

First production batch ordered

After testing, alignment on some small changes and some alignments with other trombonists, the first batch of production pieces was ordered, hoping that mailing would be a little quicker.

July 2020

Production pieces arrived

The expected 50 production pieces arrived quickly, well-packed and safe. First impression: Again - and no more a surprise - the quality of production and finish is great. The changes after the test pieces have turned out as expected and further improved the pieces as desired. So the first line of mouthpieces is there!

May 2020

Sample pieces arrived

After Covid-related delays in mailing, the sample pieces arrived. They went through intense testing which led to some smaller changes/adjustments on some of the models. The overall results were already far better than expected and the production quality was great!

March 2020

Alignment on design

After developing the basic idea of MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES and having over the years played >100 mouthpieces of all sizes and shapes, James R New and Markus Starke started developing the design criteria as well as aligning on the desired mouthpiece dimensions.