MST STUDIO K NY N (small shank)

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Another great mouthpiece for alto or small tenor.
Sweet, but well-rounded sound with great response.

"The MST STUDIO K 11 N and the MST STUDIO K NY N that I just received are wonderful and a beautiful match to some of my trombones!"
(Los Angeles studio and jazz trombonist)

Key Information

Slightly bigger sound than the K 11 N. Small bore mouthpiece with comfortable rim and great sound and response


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Throat size: 5,8 mm
Inner rim diameter: 24,4 mm
Outer rim diameter: 39,0 mm
Small shank


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One of our two 11c-sized mouthpieces. The K NY N helps you with a sweet, but rounded sound with an easy overall range and great comfortable playing. Great fit for small tenor or alto.


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  • 11c size, comparable to e.g. Bach 11c, former Kanstul Alan Kaplan NY or Ferguson 11
  • Similar rim shape as our K 11 N, but plays just a little bit bigger

Please note that our mouthpieces are typically only in stock in silver plating. In case you prefer or require gold plating, please contact us.