MST STUDIO 5GD N (large shank)

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Our preferred large tenor trombone mouthpiece. 
Dark and full sound while staying efficient and focused. 

"The MST STUDIO 5GD N gives me good volume over the whole range with a full low register, but also good response in the upper range without the tone becoming too thin." 
(Cologne trombonist) 

Key Information

Large bore tenor mouthpiece with deep cup, but overall efficient design. Perfect for orchestra or ensemble


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Throat size: 7,1 mm
Inner rim diameter: 25,4 mm
Outer rim diameter: 38,1 mm
Large shank


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This is a great mouthpiece for your large tenor, no matter if orchestra, ensemble or solo. It offers a dark and full sound with enough core, comfortable feel and maintains good response and efficiency. May feel a little bigger due to the rim profile.


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  • Rim size in the Bach 5G-area, but more comfortable, with a slightly deeper cup and a little more mass
  • Other comparisons: Between Greg Black 5G and 5G-4G, little deeper than Ferguson 2

Please note that our mouthpieces are typically only in stock in silver plating. In case you prefer or require gold plating, please contact us.