MST STUDIO R N (bass trombone)

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Our favorite bass trombone mouthpiece design! 
Very comfortable and responsive, great for a warm, but well-focused sound.

"Although - coming from a Schilke 59 - the wider rim was unusual to me, I really liked the overall sound and response of the MST STUDIO  R N, especially the ease in the middle and upper register!" 
(Bass trombonist of a major German symphony orchestra)

Key Information

Medium-large bass trombone mouthpiece with comfortable rim and little extra mass. Suitable for all settings from big band, to orchestra or (brass) ensemble


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Throat size: 7,7 mm
Inner rim diameter: 27,8 mm
Outer rim diameter: 41,4 mm
Large shank


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Our preferred model for bass trombone. Although close to other makers' models that may be preferred in the jazz and big band world, our R N can definitely also have its place in orchestra or brass ensemble. As with our other pieces, the slightly increased mass and adjusted rim contour make the R N very comfortable and easy playing while offering great response and sound.


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  • Roughly in the 1 1/2 G to 1 1/4 G range
  • Close to Kanstul GR/ George Roberts 
  • Slightly more mass and stability with a comfortable rim profile

Further feedback 

"The MST STUDIO R N gives me more volume on the bass trombone while maintaining core and clarity in the sound. Very well done!" 
(Cologne trombonist) 

Please note that our mouthpieces are typically only in stock in silver plating. In case you prefer or require gold plating, please contact us.