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Some general notes:

  • Of course the measured dimensions cannot always cover personal perception of a mouthpiece. Overall our mouthpieces (especially the small shank pieces) due to the wide rim profile may feel a little larger, but maintaining the efficiency.
  • Descriptions are as accurate as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions!
  • We are trying to keep all mouthpieces in stock - apart from gold plated pieces which are special order. Find more info on this and other questions in the FAQs.
  • One additional note on Covid-19: Not only, but among others due to Covid-19 we take intense care of hygiene in handling our mouthpieces. This includes disinfecting returning mouthpieces and not directly forwarding to the next customer. This way you can feel safe when receiving our delivery. 

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Key information on policies, terms, conditions etc.

We try to make your purchase as convenient and secure as possible:

  • We allow a trial period of 14 days. Within this period you can step back from your purchase without specifying a reason and will be reimbursed. You will only have to pay the shipping back to us. As long as the mouthpiece does not have any damage, we will take it back. Therefor we recommend to use tape on the shanks when testing the mouthpiece. 
  • For delivery we usually use DHL which allows quick and reliable services at reasonable costs. However especially international shipping can of course lead to delays which we can not influence.
  • We are a very small shop. On the one hand this allows us to have direct customer interaction wherever it makes sense. On the other hand we sometimes face some bottlenecks or small delays in handling orders. If this is the case, we will notify you as quickly as possible.
  • In general: If you have any questions that we may not have answered, please contact us!