What makes our mouthpieces special?

We build on some very well-proven designs that are being played by some of the most renowned trombonists in the world. We have very consciously chosen these designs as our starting points as we believe in their basic features.
These designs have been combined with our guiding principles.
For all these mouthpieces we have added a distinct rim shape which is relatively wide and well-rounded which makes it extremely comfortable to play. We consider this especially important for the small shank pieces. Furthermore the outer shape is just a little bit heavier than many mouthpieces on the market, but by considerably lighter than the available "heavytop/heavyweight/megatone" pieces by other manufacturers. The outer shape that we have designed distributes the weight well over the cup which we believe gives the sound additional core/focus and an additional degree of "darkness" and efficiency.

How do our small shank mouthpieces compare?

We currently offer three different small shank mouthpieces, our models K 11 N, K NY N and K M N. 
While they share similar or very close rim shapes and rim dimensions, they do differ in cup shapes, partly bores and backbores.
The K 11 N and K NY N feel quite close. For us the K 11 N is a little more focused and delicate, while the K NY N plays just a little bit rounder and darker.
The K M N does clearly play a little bigger due to its higher cup colume and overall design.
All three mouthpieces follow our key design ideas which gives them a high level of comfort while offering a stable, focused sound and efficient feel.
You might for example prefer the K 11 N for alto, and the K NY N or K M N for small bore. The K M N may also work for a (jazzy) medium bore trombone. 

Do we offer gold plating?

Yes, we do offer gold plating, but it is a custom order. 
This means that a) there is of course an additional charge to cover the actual plating as well as additional handling efforts and b) delivery will take approximately one week longer as we will send your mouthpiece(s) to gold plating first.
If you prefer you could also buy a silver plated mouthpieces and do the gold plating at your provider of choice.

Does the world really need more trombone mouthpieces?

Well... In our opinion yes ;-) 
We have designed our mouthpieces in a way that of course has similarities with other existing designs, but our design also has unique features that differentiate them from what you can buy elsewhere.
So we are convinced that yes, there is a place for our mouthpieces in your trombones!

Will there be more MST STUDIO models in the future?

Perhaps - we will keep our eyes open and potentially add further models. If you have a specific idea, feel free to contact us!

How can you learn more about MST STUDIO mouthpieces?

Obviously you might have questions on our mouthpieces that we have not yet answered. Feel free to contact us any time via the contact form. We try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Are our mouthpieces also available outside Europe?

Currently mouthpiece shipping starts in Hamburg, Germany and we are open to worldwide orders. 
Still while we strive to ensure quick delivery from our end, we unluckily cannot influence shipping times within domestic and global postal services. 
Depending on your location, also customs handling may take additional time. 
We might at a later stage offer additional regional distributors to make our mouthpieces more easily accessible.

Is it possible for a group of trombonists to test our entire mouthpiece selection at once?

Yes, of course! 

We have already sent our complete range of mouthpieces upon request from professional groups of trombonist . We are very happy to do so. Just let us know which mouthpieces you wanna try .