We provide unique accessories to professional brass players as well as ambitious amateurs who value our quality.

Starting point and core product is our own line of MST STUDIO trombone mouthpieces. Our mouthpieces are designed to offer exceptional response, sound and efficiency.


More than 25 years of trombone (and other brass) playing, studying and playing with lots of great teachers and musicians, always striving for the best fitting equipment to make life as a musician as easy and rewarding as possible:

Of course this leads to the trombonist's and brass player's ongoing search for the perfect mouthpiece.
We are convinced that with MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES at least for some players we have come a step closer to this goal.


MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES follow carefully selected design principles:
Starting point was to discover and select some of the most interesting mouthpieces that are not available  on the market anymore. 
These were thoroughly tested and adjusted in some selected parameters. 
In general our mouthpieces have a slightly higher weight with a very conscious distribution of mass in the rim and cup area.
In addition the mouthpieces all have wider rims which makes them more comfortable for many players. They may feel a little larger than the inner dimensions might suggest.
Last but not least they also share a distinct visual design across the range.
We feel that this design leads to an even increased playability and level comfort while adding another degree of stability to the sound.


The name MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES is a reminiscence to the great studio musicians that you hear not only in orchestral movie soundtracks, but also
in many jazz and bigband recordings.
Our mouthpieces combine our own design principles with selected characteristics of mouthpieces played by and/or designed for trombonists such as George Roberts, Alan Kaplan, Charlie Loper, Bill Reichenbach, Phil Teele or Andy Martin.
The mouthpieces are produced by former Kanstul mouthpiece maker James R. New and aim for the response, tone quality and consistency that is required not only in the studio/recording scene, but are also needed in orchestras and bands.


MST STUDIO MOUTHPIECES is founded and managed in Hamburg, Germany.
Owner Markus Starke has studied trombone with a number of well-renowned teachers in Europe, played in a number of professional settings and then pursued an entrepreneurial career.
The mouthpieces are developed in collaboration with and produced by James R. New who established his own workshop after multiple decades of leading positions among others at Kanstul Musical Instruments.